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Kenleys is an independent, Ofsted registered, full daycare provision for children from 0-5.

Funded sessions for 2, 3 & 4 year olds

If your child is aged 3 or 4, they will receive 15 hours worth of funded nursery sessions each week during the term time. This takes effect from the term after they turn 3; and we will help you complete the forms to ensure you receive this benefit. Families where both parents work are likely to be able to benefit from an ADDITIONAL 15 hours of funded sessions. Please check the government webpage for more information and details of how to apply for your code.

3 May. 2016 Posted by kenleys in Events

The Queen's birthday

This April the queen turned 90! we had a tea party for all of the children, including cups of tea (decaf), cucumber sandwiches and darling little scones!

We all spoke about the queen and why she was important to our country, we talked about what she did and where she lived.

When the preschoolers wondered why she had not attended the party we held for her, a letter arrived by Royal Mail to explain her absence.

All in all a spiffing day! thank you to all who came ready prepared in your red white and blue best!

17 Apr. 2016 Posted by kenleys in Events

Growing our own food

Spring is upon us and we are busy planting edible treats like this sweetcorn pictured above! as well as tomatoes, beans, peas, lettuces, cabbages, carrots and lots more! These little saplings will be planted outside in our growing garden when the weather is more reliable. The children of the nursery are encouraged to assist with the weeding, watering and tending to the plants as well as the picking and eating in the summer and autumn!

We are also having a sunflower competition to see who's plant grows the tallest! Feel free to join in from home!

4 Feb. 2016 Posted by kenleys in Events

Three Little Pigs Theatre Trip

We took our preschool aged children to see the production of the Three Little Pigs at the Theatre Royal earlier this month!

The children took a coach from nursery to the Theatre, sat in a lovely cushioned area inside the theatre, had a snack and made their way into see the show. All of the children (and parents!) were beautifully behaved, and thoroughly enjoyed the show, shouting at the wolf and helping him to find the pigs when they were lost!.

There were a few tears upon leaving the show as some childen didn't want it to end!

1 Jan. 2016 Posted by kenleys in Events

Nativity and Christmas Fayre

Nursery Christmas

Haven't we had a busy December!!

We had a whole nursery Christmas meal with all children from tiny babies to our oldest preschoolers (and all staff) joining together in the main hall, to have a lovely roast cooked by our cook Lyndsey who made a two course meal, as well as decorated all the tables.

We then had a beautiful nativity play performed by all the preschoolers who learnt their lines and parts brilliantly! the christmas pudding loved being in the limelight, and baby jesus didn't cry once!

19 Jun. 2011 Posted by admin in Events

Summer Fair

Fire Engine came to visit Kenleys

What a fantastic day we had on Saturday, with many of you arriving and enjoying the activities and opportunities for your children to take part in. We were very privileged to have the fire brigade arrive, then to leave and come back after being called out to a shout. Some children enjoyed climbing through the engine whilst others enjoyed wearing the safety hats that the crew wear.

19 Jun. 2011 Posted by admin in Events

Sports Coach

Football in the playground

Ian Shannon joined us for the morning; he is a sports instructor that has been with us for several weeks working with children from the age of 2 years and above. The children had great fun on Saturday showing their parents what they are able to do and we would like to thank Ian for joining us on Saturday. Ian coaches locally and if you are interested in speaking to him, please ask for his contact details.